Joe Sebok Sextortionists Sentenced to Multi-Year Prison Terms

Joe Sebok Sextortionists Sentenced to Multi-Year Prison Terms

It had been right back this year, and poker pro and TV commentator Joe Sebok was winding out of his poker job anyway, because of number of bad expert choices, or simply due not to winning enough money, depending on who you ask. It wasn’t over yet, but the writing ended up being on the wall. In the midst of that turmoil, Tyler Schrier, 23, hacked into Sebok’s email account, where he found some Anthony Weiner-esque photos and intimate emails, and contacted Sebok, threatening to post the pictures if Sebok (and apparently others whom had been equally scantily clad and effusive in their penned thoughts) didn’t pay up hundreds of thousands in blackmail payments to Schrier.

Fast Forward to Now

Now Schrier and his cohort, Keith James Hudson, 39, have been sentenced for his or her crimes, including conspiracy, extortion, unauthorized access up to a protected computer, hacking, and stealing individual information.

Schrier received a 42-month phrase after pleading guilty; part of his plea deal included admitting that he also extorted $26,000 off their pro poker players an additional similar scenario (the other players remain unnamed for the present time). Oh, and while free on bond after he ended up being charged in this instance, true to form, Schrier illegally accessed several more e-mail accounts, and information that is using those accounts, went on to steal close to $4,000 from the account-holders’ online poker ac Læs videre “Joe Sebok Sextortionists Sentenced to Multi-Year Prison Terms”

Kansas Casinos Confirm Wizardly in Gaming Revenue Growth

Kansas Casinos Confirm Wizardly in Gaming Revenue Growth

There isn’t any place like home for gross gaming revenue; at least according to the American Gaming Association’s (AGA) 2012 annual commercial casino market report. While Vegas and Nevada continue to lead the field in pure video gaming revenues, the fastest-growing state is: Kansas. Kansas? Yep, Kansas. Who even knew they’d casinos in Kansas? Perchance you simply can not see them through the wheat areas.

Beating out nj-new jersey (a continuing state that has actually been on tilt into the gaming arena of late), Pennsylvania, New York, and even Ca, Kansas really could possibly be the Land of Oz whenever it concerns getting casino clients, it appears. Maybe Glinda, the Good Witch, is dropping them from her magical bubble. Maybe there’s simply not lot else to complete there.

Incredible Growth

We’re not speaking about doubling or even tripling in development here; nope, Kansas’ gross gaming revenue jumped an unbelievable 603.7 per cent in 2012. Maybe they truly are handing down poppies into the casinos, but long lasting reason, casino revenues went from $48 million in 2011 to $341 million in 2012.

A lot of the enhance is definitely due to more casinos having been built and opened into the past few years. Kansas just made casino gambling legal in 2007, and by 2009, it still had just two casinos to exhibit for itself. Now there are six, and the state’s treasurers must be leaping up and down like flying monkeys in ju Læs videre “Kansas Casinos Confirm Wizardly in Gaming Revenue Growth”

What About Transfer Applicants!?!?!?

What About Transfer Applicants!?!?!?

We know a great deal of our transfer applicants are anxiously awaiting decisions and many have the questions that are same! We hear you and hope this FAQ will help as you wait to know from us.

When will I find my decision out?

All transfer students who applied to USC for fall 2015 admission will be notified of either a decision, or an ask for more details by June 1. We are in the means of making decisions, so some learning students have heard back from us even though many have not. Just because you haven’t heard from our office yet does not mean it’s good or bad news there are still two to three weeks until June 1 and we are making our way through all the applications.

What does a Spring Grade Request mean?
For some pupils, we aren’t able to create a choice aided by the information we currently have. We may request to see your final springtime grades to help us in building a decision. As they are available if you received a spring grade request, please send us your grades as soon. Various schools finish at different times, so that the faster you can send us your grades, the faster we are able to get an admission choice back to you.

We’re aware that numerous semester system schools finish in May and quarter that is many in June. Our admission counselors are aware of this timeline, and we will be accommodating to each school that is individual but again, usually do not delay in delivering us your grades if we asked for them.

If I’m a Læs videre “What About Transfer Applicants!?!?!?”