Wife Abandonment Syndrome: Russia’s Concern About Being Betrayed by Belarus

Wife Abandonment Syndrome: Russia’s Concern About Being Betrayed by Belarus

On November 22, Vladimir Solovyov, a Russian documentary filmmaker and a television talk show host, produced general public look during the Palace of this Republic in Minsk. Straight away ahead of the gathering, a dozen approximately youths that are opposition-minded in front side for the place, bearing slogans like “Solovyov—hangman, disappear completely! ” But, a lot more users of Solovyov’s audience going to the ending up in their idol, fended off those demonstrators by chanting “Rossiya, Rossiya, Rossiya, ” calling the protesters nasty names and also participating in fist fights using them. Some people in Solovyov’s market proposed that the experts need to rise up to first their level and just then judge him (Tut.by, 26) november.

Together with trademark cynicism, Solovyov is a talented expert and something for the major opinion-molders that are pro-Putin. Their talk show is widely seen by Russian-speakers inside and outside Russia, definitely including Minsk sunday. Significantly paradoxically, Solovyov’s formative experience coincided with Gorbachev’s glasnost (openness) and included 3 years (1990–92) spent in the united states.

Throughout the conference in Minsk, Solovyov had been rationalizing the Kremlin’s worldview and heaping scorn in the West – it is usually prepared to mentor “us” but is actually the foundation associated with Inquisition, Napoleonic invasions, nationwide socialism, and communism. He additionally taken care of immediately concerns and records through the market. Among the handwritten records read: “Take us in, we are so eager for that, ” to which Solovyov responded: “This is out of the question like you did Crimea. Yours is an attractive nation and you’re a delightful people, and that means you need to figure out your personal future yourselves” (Naviny.by, 21) november.

After Solovyov’s appearance, an avalanche of psychological magazines and postings inundated the entire opposition news and social support systems.

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