CBD and Epilepsy: A Promising Treatment

CBD and Epilepsy: A Promising Treatment

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Cannabidiol (CBD) and epilepsy made headlines, exactly what do clients and parents have to know about utilizing CBD as being a therapy choice?

In this episode, Dr. Laura Lubbers discusses just what CBD is, why it could strive to treat particular types of epilepsy, and just what the prospective advantages and dangers are. In addition, Dr. Lubbers explores the medical significance of studying CBD along with other compounds based on medical cannabis.

Dr. Laura Lubbers could be the Chief Scientific Officer at people United for analysis in Epilepsy (CURE). She heads our Research Team, driving strategic initiatives and pushing technology closer to a remedy.

If you like extra information about this topic, browse the CURE that is free webinar on CBD at CUREepilepsy.org/CBD.

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CBD and Epilepsy: A Promising Treatment Transcript

I’m Kelly Cervantes, and also this is Seizing lifetime, a regular podcast produced by Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy, CURE.

Dr. Laura Lubbers possesses Ph.D. in neuroscience through the University of Illinois. When it comes to previous couple of years, she’s got been the principle Scientific Officer for CURE. Through that time, Dr. Lubbers has led CURE’s research strategy, pushing technology nearer to a remedy. Epilepsy has also a meaningful impact on her very own family. Her cousin Ellyn was created with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC). After 50 many years of countless anti-epileptic medications and a nerve that is vagal, Ellyn continues to be frequently suffering from seizures. This is the reason Dr. Lubbers leverages her two decades of expertise centering on research jobs that counter the consequences of swing, ALS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s condition to locating an end to epilepsy. Læs videre “CBD and Epilepsy: A Promising Treatment”