Flavored Prefilled 200mg CBD Vape Cartr >

Flavored Prefilled 200mg CBD Vape Cartr >

Inhaling CBD is far more advanced than oral ingestion if you intend to have the quickest & most powerful impacts possible. CBGenius supplies the most powerful CBD in the marketplace, therefore we supply the simplest vaping method– prefilled cartridges. Scroll down to get the full story.

Prefilled CBD Vape Pen w/ Reusable Cartridge

The absolute most satisfying prefilled CBD vape, with four premium flavors to select from: vanilla banana berry, lemon lime mint, apple cake, and strawberry cream.

Why CBGenius?

There’s a good reason we’ve “Genius” in our name. Our creator and lead scientist, Dr. Kevin Marchitto, is an established expert that is biomedical business owner with over 12 many years of experience with the cannabis company. Læs videre “Flavored Prefilled 200mg CBD Vape Cartr >”